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The five-o'clock tea tradition was born thanks to Anna, Duchess of Bedford...

The Windsor collection of fine porcelain was inspired by English history and traditional English tea drinking.

The first mention of Windsor dates back to the 12th century. The name comes from the Old English words “Windles-ore”, which means “winch by the riverside”.

Windsor Castle has been the largest inhabited castle for over 900 years.

In 1664, King Charles received a gift of two pounds of precious Chinese tea. For centuries tea was unobtainable to the general population and was considered an exclusively royal drink.

The five-o’clock tea tradition was born thanks to Anna, Duchess of Bedford, who did not like the long break between lunch and dinner. The Duchess asked that tea with delicious pastries be served daily no later than 5 pm. Over time tea became a strong national tradition in England. Love for tea took the form of a meditation – British people relax from the hustle and bustle when they make a cup of fragrant tea.

English tea-time includes strong black tea, warmed milk or cream, sweet delicacies like cupcakes and pies, and, of course, special tea sets crafted from porcelain.


In the 18th century, special tableware for tea drinking came into fashion. It consisted of a small teapot and tea cups, which were first supplied from China. Later, porcelain utensils made by local craftsmen began to appear. The first factory producing tea sets in England was the porcelain factory in Chelsea, opened in 1743.

The first teapots were tall, with a narrow handle and a short spout. Over the years, the shape of the teapot changed eventually acquiring its modern rounded look.

Czech manufacturer Leander offers a collection of fine porcelain called Windsor that marries ancient traditions and modern quality.

The Windsor collection comes in traditional low tea cup and saucer sets as well as teapots and is complemented by higher coffee cups and dessert plates.

All the cups are gilded inside with 24-carat gold that gives the tea an absolutely unique shade and are richly decorated with gold floral patterns. The cup handle and the teapot spout are also gilded.

Customers can choose from a large palette of bright colours.

If you want to pamper yourself and your loved ones, escape from the everyday hustle and bustle for a short while and arrange a perfect English tea party, then the Windsor fine porcelain set is a right choice.

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