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An elegant tea and coffee collection Victoria is no exception

Regular customers of the Czech manufactory Leander have long noticed that many of our porcelain collections bear female names. After all, it is women who bring love and beauty to the world, make our homes cozy and warm.

An elegant tea and coffee collection Victoria is no exception. We called it this beautiful female name inspired by the story of the most famous Victoria – the Queen of the United Kingdom with an amazing life.

Having inherited the throne at the age of 18, she did not become a toy in the hands of the powerful; on the contrary, she influenced government policy and became the ultimate national icon for the English people. In fact, the whole era was named after Victoria, it was the period of greatest prosperity for the British Empire, which ruled a quarter of the world.

Nothing mattered for the queen more than love for her husband, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, “her angel”, and she carried that love through her whole life.

In 1840, the royal wedding was held in London. Young Victoria married a man below her status who she loved dearly. This wedding was called “The wedding of the 19th century”. The Queen appeared in a snow-white dress, with a flower crown made of snow-white orange flowers and a long veil. This style gave rise to the triumphant procession of white in the wedding fashion.


It is difficult to imagine it now, but the white dress, the veil, and even the wedding cake were ideas of the young Queen Victoria.

While creating the porcelain collection Victoria, our designers were looking for the most elegant concept, worthy of the queen, living in every woman.

The exceptional openwork form is accentuated by original lotus petal shaped edges. Exquisite porcelain cups, coffee pots, and sugar bowls are made in a noble ivory colour, enhanced by delicate light patterns.

The lacelike cup handles are executed in the form of fanciful double arches with queenly subtle, yet elegant platinum finish.

The service is available in a choice of either tea or coffee set.

The Victoria collection, presented by the Leander manufactory, will delight you every morning, cheering you up and making you feel truly royal.

Victoria is the victory of good taste on your table!

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