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Summer Mary Anne

Summer variations of Mary Anne’s designs

Regardless of how experienced you are in table decoration and layout; the Mary Anne collection of fine porcelain will satisfy the most demanding taste. The summer variations will cheer you up and make life more pleasant and easy.

Leander’s Mary Anne prides itself on the widest range of products. Would you like to have a supper like a royal? Upgrade your table setting with a “royal” set! Fish bone plates, water and juice jugs, flower vases, juice squeezer – these and many other products are rarely offered by porcelain manufacturers.

The Mary Anne has the honor to offer you all this and much more. Would you like to travel back in time, for example, to the Victorian Age? No problem! We will select a set of Czech porcelain just for you. Maintain your family meal traditions, make them more fun and festive by adding a bell to the Mary Anne collection set. For what could be better than the enchanting sound of the bell that informs about the family gathering.

Summer variations of Mary Anne’s designs include diverse tableware concepts, which Leander constantly renews.


You will fall in love the gentle playful motif of violets. Such table service is perfect for a country house or villa. Coffee and tea sets will make your morning peaceful and romantic and provide inspiration for the rest of the day.

Mary Anne offers porcelain tableware in emerald colour combined with light strokes of 24-carat gold.

If you like classic Czech tableware with the Geese decor, then Leander has a service just for you. It has been an absolute world’s best seller for 30 years now.

You certainly know the classic Czech blue onion pattern, or “cibulák”. Leander breathed new life into this design, making it more modern and attractive. The classic blue pattern on porcelain tableware stunningly complements the dishes served on it. Believe us, any delicacy on a dish with such decor is much more delicious than usual, whether it’s pistachio cake, buckwheat porridge or asparagus. Check it out for yourself!

Porcelain tableware is an everyday household article. Having several seasonal sets is a sign of good manners. During the harsh winter, take the Mary Anne summer collection out of the cabinet and let the warmth into your life by having a cup of tea. Or vice versa, celebrate the onset of summer and serve a light dinner on plates with a violet motif. You will be surprised how quickly Leander porcelain and Mary Anne tableware will fit your life and become its customary companions.

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