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Special Projects

Annually our factory produces a huge number of gifts...

Leander is the only factory in the Czech Republic that produces hand-made porcelain products using traditional manufacturing techniques.

Annually our factory produces a huge number of gifts. We always try to keep up with the times and delight our customers with both classic and contemporary projects.

Porcelain sets with children’s motifs are very popular. As you know, good taste is instilled at an early age. What could be more interesting and exciting for a little gourmet than finding a funny little animal at the bottom of their personal porcelain plate? Or drink hot milk from a porcelain cup with Santa Claus and his elves in anticipation of the Christmas?

Customers can impress older children with beautiful porcelain wall clocks that will delight them with bright cheerful colours and will teach them to tell the time.

Are friends or relatives expecting a baby? Do you know what to give as a gift to the future parents? Leander makes wonderful children’s sets in traditional blue or pink colours. They can be decorated with the astrological sign of a long-expected new member of the family or personalized hand-made lettering.


Highly professional designers have developed many individual porcelain items that you will want to have at home or buy as a gift to family or friends. Some of them trace roots back to the old days. For example, porcelain mantel clocks that date back to the Baroque era. Its modern look was developed and introduced in the late 80s by visionary Czech designers. This successful design is still produced and enjoys popularity.

Czech Republic is the country of the best beer in the world that is why a porcelain beer mug with a handle and traditional lid would make a great souvenir or a gift!

Porcelain handmade cups, vases, trays, coffee and spice mills, teapots, coffee pots, milk jugs … the list goes on forever!

It is really important for us that every customer finds exactly what they are looking for. And we can proudly say that our range is extensive and is updated annually.

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