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Another signature Rococo colour design was a combination of white and gold

The Czech porcelain manufactory Leander proudly presents Sonata, one of its most famous collections.

It is based on and inspired by the Rococo style, born in France in the early 18th century as a development of the Baroque style. Rococo is characterized by sophistication and refinement.

All the art objects created in this style are very ornamental, with rich details and decorations.

During the Rococo era, considerable attentions was paid to personal comfort.

Back in the day, interiors of many palaces were created in the Rococo style. And even now, designers around the world use its characteristic features to create exquisite interior items.

The Czech manufacture Leander explored this style in 1926, and thus the Sonata collection of porcelain tableware was created.

Unlike the ponderous Baroque with its rich colours, Rococo in decorative objects stands out by its pastel hues.


Colour scheme of Sonata porcelain collection will delight you with gentle romantic floral motifs in soft colours, or with golden flowers silhouettes turned into a floral pattern.

The main element of the Rococo is rocaille ornament (from the French “rocaille” – rubble, shell) found in the elegant curved handles of cups and coffee pots.

Another signature Rococo colour design was a combination of white and gold.

It was reflected in the first service created in 1926, which was decorated with staffages out of matt gold, emphasizing and enhancing the relief details (medallions and mother-of-pearl chains). This plain decor gave a chance for snow white porcelain to shine, resulting in the noble look of the whole service.

The Sonata service in white and gold appealed to the first Czech president Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, who bought it and used it daily.

And now the Sonata collection of fine porcelain is loved by many customers for its romantic quality, simplicity and refinement of forms.

Another factor that contributed to popularity of Sonata is a huge selection of porcelain tableware included in the collection. Leander is ready to fulfill any request. 15-piece tea and coffee sets, 25-piece dinner sets and a large number of additional products will satisfy the most demanding customer.

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