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Sabina collection of fine porcelain can satisfy the demands of people at any level

Sabina is one of the most famous collections of the Czech brand Leander. It is a perfect example of how minimalism and usability of products can fill one’s life with pleasure, be it a meal, or a cup of tea with a shortbread cookie.

For several decades, Sabina porcelain tableware has been one of the best-selling collections of our factory mainly thanks to a wide range of decors for everyday use, as well as a variety of products in the collection. Sabina is not only traditional dinner, tea and coffee sets, that Czech Republic prides itself in, it is also numerous products for everyday use, such as cake serving trays, butter dish, and napkin rings. Such little things are important and help make meals even more pleasant.

Elegant porcelain cake stands and divided plates are perfect for the formal events. A stunning creamer in the shape of a Czech cow is an absolute bestseller among the locals as well as the guests of the country.

Treats for gourmets and hedonists – special cups for Arabic coffee, candlesticks and fruit vases.

Sabina collection of fine porcelain can satisfy the demands of people at any level. It is no coincidence, therefore, that it has gained popularity in government offices in many countries.

However, the popularity of the Sabina Czech tableware lies in another important factor – its great variety of ornaments.


From minimalistic platinum decoration, which gives the white porcelain its special appeal, to elegant grey-blue adornment with light baroque patterns.

If you love Italian style, its fashion, and practicality, then the green geometric shapes framed by berries will make you forget about everything. Mediterranean cuisine lovers will be fascinated by a porcelain pizza plate, created a few years ago specifically for the Sabina collection.

Popular Italian motifs with modern twist are the brand’s signature feature. Centuries-old traditions of making high-quality porcelain are kept and passed on from one generation to another. Just as our porcelain often becomes a family treasure left to children.

Czech porcelain tableware has always been recognised all over the world. Today Leander is a renowned brand that represents Czech Republic worldwide. We value all our customers and do our best to produce modern porcelain of traditionally high quality.

The Sabina porcelain collection occupies an important place in the Leander portfolio and will not leave anyone indifferent. But if it’s not your cup of tea then we recommend to take a look at Leander’s classic porcelain collections.

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