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Opulence of Sonata

Classic and elegant, yet natural shapes combine perfectly with the floral motifs

The Opulence of Sonata collection of fine porcelain tableware is the result of more than 100 years of expertise in production and design.

Our porcelain collection is called Opulence of Sonata for a reason. The title takes us to the era of classicism accompanied by the sound of a piano playing sonatas by great composers and innovators of the late 18th – early 19th centuries like Haydn and Mozart.

Exploring this period, our designers focused on the very meaning of the word “classicus”, which in Latin means “exemplary”. We tried to create an iconic, truly classical porcelain collection. The classical design was based on aesthetics that traced it roots back to antiquity, complying with clear logic and harmony. There is nothing irrelative and unsubstantiated in classical aesthetics. Both music and visual art are subject to strict canons. The musical sonata unfolds its melodies according to established rules, achieving rich figurative content embodied in a simple, yet perfect form.

While working on Opulence of Sonata, Leander manufactory set the same goal.

Classic and elegant, yet natural shapes combine perfectly with the floral motifs. Each item is richly decorated with 24-carat gold, as was customary at the courts during classicism era.

Opulence of Sonata

Opulence of Sonata collection is available in a wide range of colour designs.

For example, in traditional white porcelain with thin gold patterns and floral motif. Or in porcelain with the mother-of-pearl effect and mythology theme, such as Three Graces. Also, you won’t take your eyes off the rich bright blue cobalt that forms such an unexpectedly striking contrast with the golden roses.

Having decided on the decor, just choose which set you would like. The choice is huge.

6-piece coffee set is for lovers of morning coffee with the family. Tea set is perfect for the five o’clock break in the English style with friends or family members.

Elegant porcelain cup and saucer is a wonderful gift for any occasion. A set of plates for the whole family will help you to perfectly set the table.

No matter what you choose, be sure that the traditional Czech classic fine porcelain made by Leander will certainly regale you and your family for many years.

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