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Opulence of Sabina

Today’s era of individualism brings the desire to be different

Simple forms are framed by luxurious and elaborate decorations. That is how the Sabina collection of fine porcelain and its variations created by LEANDER’S designers can be described. Initially, it was conceived as a simple porcelain tableware for everyday use. The modern and simple shape of the collection fully served the purpose.

However, the worldwide success of the Czech Sabina tableware imposed a need to give this favourite collection a rich finish to satisfy the desires of clients and aficionados of LEANDER porcelain.

Today, Sabina porcelain tableware is decorated not only with common decorations but also with beautiful rich gold or platinum ornaments in classical style. It’s amazing how the classic design displays new features in combination with a simple and contemporary shape, creating a one-of-a-kind product.

Sabina porcelain set with its luxurious varieties is a modern approach to the successes of the past. Creative department constantly redesigns the models so that they fit perfectly into the present day. Czech porcelain LEANDER is created to be ideal partner for apartments with a modern layout and design.


Today’s era of individualism brings the desire to be different. Sabina collection of fine porcelain with its diversity of products gives the customer the opportunity to order an individual set. Innovators and explorers can adorn their unique housing with the original fine porcelain.

It is also possible to purchase standard sets of Czech tableware, but there is nothing better than to apply a creative approach to dress your home.

The historical legacy of the manufactory helps LEANDER to keep pace with the times while reserving the ability to sell a wide range of products, some of which are truly unique.

Every year LEANDER adds several new ornaments to each collection, making it possible to collect and enlarge home collections of fine porcelain. Furthermore, the customers know thanks to the flexible manual production they can always order the separate items from a porcelain set if something gets broken. LEANDER’s flexibility distinguishes it from other factories that produce porcelain on a large scale by the run-of-the-mill method.

We recommend paying attention to the amazing decor of Opulence of Sabina, in which rapid movement of time and the timeless classics meet and show the world some truly stunning products.

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