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Ela collection survived until today without any changes

Porcelain is a unique material that can only be created with love and energy. That is why Leander remains faithful to more than 100 years of tradition. Every day, employees of the factory handle the porcelain, giving it their living energy and love.

Ela coffee set is no exception. Located in the centre of Europe, Czech Republic with its unique culture and traditions also possesses the certain features of most European countries.

Czech porcelain tableware boasts of a selection of items for all occasions: classic tea sets, elegant coffee sets, versatile dinner sets. The variety will satisfy both true tea lovers and hopeless coffee addicts.

This collection was created for lovers of the invigorating drink and Ela was one of them.

A few decades ago at the factory, a passionate feeling ran high between a fashion designer and a porcelain artist. The man who was engaged in the development of porcelain ware was inspired by his feeling and decided to win the girl’s heart in an unusual way. He secretly created a collection of fine porcelain for her.


He knew that she was a great coffee lover because every morning he saw her with a mug of invigorating drink in her hands. The choice was obvious – the designer decided to make a coffee service.

Ela collection turned out elegant: subtle porcelain and a relief shape with lots of details. The enamored designer put all his skills and passion into this coffee service. Openwork monograms on the cups gave porcelain lightness and airiness. The collection which embodied the aesthetics of the French nobility struck everyone, including the girl. In the end, she also contributed to the elegant look of the collection by decorating it with platinum and gold. A large 52-centimetre tray, which can accommodate the entire 15-piece coffee service, is still the pride of the factory and the Czech porcelain industry in general.

The talented designer achieved his goal – he won the girl’s heart as well as the recognition of more experienced colleagues. Ela collection survived until today without any changes. After all, love, as well as fine Czech porcelain, have no expiration date.

If you buy Ela, you will get porcelain that was created for the world with Love.

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