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Classic Mary Anne

Porcelain tableware for everyday use

Looking for functional and comfortable tableware for everyday use? Then turn your attention to the Classic Mary Anne collection produced by the Czech porcelain manufactory Leander!

Classic Mary Anne collection stands for practicality, easy-to-use, and austerity without frills.

Several varieties of this collection are free of gilding, such as golden rims, which allows the safe use of the porcelain tableware in a microwave oven.

Many decors are designed in the country style, one of the most soulful and inclusive styles in design.

The country style itself appeared in the 1920s and originally had to emphasize the rural roots of the home environment. Since the 1950s and 1960s, this style has won the hearts of Americans, Europeans, and others with its functionality, simplicity and comfort. It is characterized by the use of natural colours and materials.

Wicker or wooden furniture, crocheted pillows, wooden or stone-lined floors, clothes from the flea market, live plants, and, of course, tableware as the final finishing touch.


Classic Mary Anne - Porcelain tableware for everyday use

After all, we especially like the country style in the kitchen, where it creates a feeling of comfort and brings back childhood memories of time spent at grandmother’s house in the village. Tableware is characterized by simplicity, clarity of shapes and lines and minimal decor and textures. Decoration using statuettes and porcelain dishes with country-style motifs hung on the walls will give the interior of any dining room the finished effect.

Classic Mary Anne collection is available in a variety of decors. Here is the traditional Czech “cibulák”, internationally famous blue onion decor, the motifs of the hunting lodge, funny geese and bright colourful fruit motifs.

There are models with blue cobalt and gilding.

As is standard, the Leander manufactory offers a large selection of products that will allow you to choose the most suitable option: a full table set, a tea or coffee set, or individual items as a gift or interior decoration.

Classic Mary Anne collection is an excellent choice for those who prefer simplicity and comfort and want to brighten up and decorate everyday life.

We would like to emphasize that when buying Leander porcelain tableware, you get a good product made of high-quality porcelain that doesn’t contain harmful impurities and is absolutely safe for health.

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