Opulence of Sonata

The Opulence of Sonata collection of fine porcelain tableware is the result of more than 100 years of expertise in production and design.

Our porcelain collection is called Opulence of Sonata for a reason. The title takes us to the era of classicism accompanied by the sound of a piano playing sonatas by great composers and innovators of the late 18th – early 19th centuries like Haydn and Mozart.

Exploring this period, our designers focused on the very meaning of the word “classicus”, which in Latin means “exemplary”. We tried to create an iconic, truly classical porcelain collection. The classical design was based on aesthetics that traced it roots back to antiquity, complying with clear logic and harmony. There is nothing irrelative and unsubstantiated in classical aesthetics. Both music and visual art are subject to strict canons. The musical sonata unfolds its melodies according to established rules, achieving rich figurative content embodied in a simple, yet perfect form.

While working on Opulence of Sonata, Leander manufactory set the same goal.

Classic and elegant, yet natural shapes combine perfectly with the floral motifs. Each item is richly decorated with 24-carat gold, as was customary at the courts during classicism era.

Opulence of Sabina

Simple forms are framed by luxurious and elaborate decorations. That is how the Sabina collection of fine porcelain and its variations created by LEANDER’S designers can be described. Initially, it was conceived as a simple porcelain tableware for everyday use. The modern and simple shape of the collection fully served the purpose.

However, the worldwide success of the Czech Sabina tableware imposed a need to give this favourite collection a rich finish to satisfy the desires of clients and aficionados of LEANDER porcelain.

Today, Sabina porcelain tableware is decorated not only with common decorations but also with beautiful rich gold or platinum ornaments in classical style. It’s amazing how the classic design displays new features in combination with a simple and contemporary shape, creating a one-of-a-kind product.

Sabina porcelain set with its luxurious varieties is a modern approach to the successes of the past. Creative department constantly redesigns the models so that they fit perfectly into the present day. Czech porcelain LEANDER is created to be ideal partner for apartments with a modern layout and design.


Classic Mary Anne

Looking for functional and comfortable tableware for everyday use? Then turn your attention to the Classic Mary Anne collection produced by the Czech porcelain manufactory Leander!

Classic Mary Anne collection stands for practicality, easy-to-use, and austerity without frills.

Several varieties of this collection are free of gilding, such as golden rims, which allows the safe use of the porcelain tableware in a microwave oven.

Many decors are designed in the country style, one of the most soulful and inclusive styles in design.

The country style itself appeared in the 1920s and originally had to emphasize the rural roots of the home environment. Since the 1950s and 1960s, this style has won the hearts of Americans, Europeans, and others with its functionality, simplicity and comfort. It is characterized by the use of natural colours and materials.

Wicker or wooden furniture, crocheted pillows, wooden or stone-lined floors, clothes from the flea market, live plants, and, of course, tableware as the final finishing touch.


Special Projects

Leander is the only factory in the Czech Republic that produces hand-made porcelain products using traditional manufacturing techniques.

Annually our factory produces a huge number of gifts. We always try to keep up with the times and delight our customers with both classic and contemporary projects.

Porcelain sets with children’s motifs are very popular. As you know, good taste is instilled at an early age. What could be more interesting and exciting for a little gourmet than finding a funny little animal at the bottom of their personal porcelain plate? Or drink hot milk from a porcelain cup with Santa Claus and his elves in anticipation of the Christmas?

Customers can impress older children with beautiful porcelain wall clocks that will delight them with bright cheerful colours and will teach them to tell the time.

Are friends or relatives expecting a baby? Do you know what to give as a gift to the future parents? Leander makes wonderful children’s sets in traditional blue or pink colours. They can be decorated with the astrological sign of a long-expected new member of the family or personalized hand-made lettering.



The Windsor collection of fine porcelain was inspired by English history and traditional English tea drinking.

The first mention of Windsor dates back to the 12th century. The name comes from the Old English words “Windles-ore”, which means “winch by the riverside”.

Windsor Castle has been the largest inhabited castle for over 900 years.

In 1664, King Charles received a gift of two pounds of precious Chinese tea. For centuries tea was unobtainable to the general population and was considered an exclusively royal drink.

The five-o’clock tea tradition was born thanks to Anna, Duchess of Bedford, who did not like the long break between lunch and dinner. The Duchess asked that tea with delicious pastries be served daily no later than 5 pm. Over time tea became a strong national tradition in England. Love for tea took the form of a meditation – British people relax from the hustle and bustle when they make a cup of fragrant tea.

English tea-time includes strong black tea, warmed milk or cream, sweet delicacies like cupcakes and pies, and, of course, special tea sets crafted from porcelain.



Regular customers of the Czech manufactory Leander have long noticed that many of our porcelain collections bear female names. After all, it is women who bring love and beauty to the world, make our homes cozy and warm.

An elegant tea and coffee collection Victoria is no exception. We called it this beautiful female name inspired by the story of the most famous Victoria – the Queen of the United Kingdom with an amazing life.

Having inherited the throne at the age of 18, she did not become a toy in the hands of the powerful; on the contrary, she influenced government policy and became the ultimate national icon for the English people. In fact, the whole era was named after Victoria, it was the period of greatest prosperity for the British Empire, which ruled a quarter of the world.

Nothing mattered for the queen more than love for her husband, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, “her angel”, and she carried that love through her whole life.

In 1840, the royal wedding was held in London. Young Victoria married a man below her status who she loved dearly. This wedding was called “The wedding of the 19th century”. The Queen appeared in a snow-white dress, with a flower crown made of snow-white orange flowers and a long veil. This style gave rise to the triumphant procession of white in the wedding fashion.


Summer Mary Anne

Regardless of how experienced you are in table decoration and layout; the Mary Anne collection of fine porcelain will satisfy the most demanding taste. The summer variations will cheer you up and make life more pleasant and easy.

Leander’s Mary Anne prides itself on the widest range of products. Would you like to have a supper like a royal? Upgrade your table setting with a “royal” set! Fish bone plates, water and juice jugs, flower vases, juice squeezer – these and many other products are rarely offered by porcelain manufacturers.

The Mary Anne has the honor to offer you all this and much more. Would you like to travel back in time, for example, to the Victorian Age? No problem! We will select a set of Czech porcelain just for you. Maintain your family meal traditions, make them more fun and festive by adding a bell to the Mary Anne collection set. For what could be better than the enchanting sound of the bell that informs about the family gathering.

Summer variations of Mary Anne’s designs include diverse tableware concepts, which Leander constantly renews.



The Czech porcelain manufactory Leander proudly presents Sonata, one of its most famous collections.

It is based on and inspired by the Rococo style, born in France in the early 18th century as a development of the Baroque style. Rococo is characterized by sophistication and refinement.

All the art objects created in this style are very ornamental, with rich details and decorations.

During the Rococo era, considerable attentions was paid to personal comfort.

Back in the day, interiors of many palaces were created in the Rococo style. And even now, designers around the world use its characteristic features to create exquisite interior items.

The Czech manufacture Leander explored this style in 1926, and thus the Sonata collection of porcelain tableware was created.

Unlike the ponderous Baroque with its rich colours, Rococo in decorative objects stands out by its pastel hues.



Sabina is one of the most famous collections of the Czech brand Leander. It is a perfect example of how minimalism and usability of products can fill one’s life with pleasure, be it a meal, or a cup of tea with a shortbread cookie.

For several decades, Sabina porcelain tableware has been one of the best-selling collections of our factory mainly thanks to a wide range of decors for everyday use, as well as a variety of products in the collection. Sabina is not only traditional dinner, tea and coffee sets, that Czech Republic prides itself in, it is also numerous products for everyday use, such as cake serving trays, butter dish, and napkin rings. Such little things are important and help make meals even more pleasant.

Elegant porcelain cake stands and divided plates are perfect for the formal events. A stunning creamer in the shape of a Czech cow is an absolute bestseller among the locals as well as the guests of the country.

Treats for gourmets and hedonists – special cups for Arabic coffee, candlesticks and fruit vases.

Sabina collection of fine porcelain can satisfy the demands of people at any level. It is no coincidence, therefore, that it has gained popularity in government offices in many countries.

However, the popularity of the Sabina Czech tableware lies in another important factor – its great variety of ornaments.



Porcelain is a unique material that can only be created with love and energy. That is why Leander remains faithful to more than 100 years of tradition. Every day, employees of the factory handle the porcelain, giving it their living energy and love.

Ela coffee set is no exception. Located in the centre of Europe, Czech Republic with its unique culture and traditions also possesses the certain features of most European countries.

Czech porcelain tableware boasts of a selection of items for all occasions: classic tea sets, elegant coffee sets, versatile dinner sets. The variety will satisfy both true tea lovers and hopeless coffee addicts.

This collection was created for lovers of the invigorating drink and Ela was one of them.

A few decades ago at the factory, a passionate feeling ran high between a fashion designer and a porcelain artist. The man who was engaged in the development of porcelain ware was inspired by his feeling and decided to win the girl’s heart in an unusual way. He secretly created a collection of fine porcelain for her.